The Empire Media Team have




Michael Sloggett

Michael is the Founder of Second To None Nutrition, an investor in businesses across Australia and Asia. Michael also sits on the International Advisory Council for a  billion dollar company that is listed in the top 700 of the Inc5000. He has successfully built multiple million dollar companies and has utilized social media as a main platform for growth on almost all of them. 

Harraj Singh
Creative Director
Harraj is 19 years old and already a beast in the online world. Currently living in New Zealand studying Business Managment, He has created an empire of instagram pages. Harraj real passion is helping people build huge followings, then seeing them turn those followings into profit

Luis Guzman

Luis is passionate about building brands and growing social media accounts. Having created sold and built some of the largest pages in the fitness industry Luis is a beast when it comes to social. In the last 3 weeks he created a new personal page that has grown to over 25k Real followers and only followed 6 accounts himself