Gold Package

Empire Media Team Gold Package
Empire Media Team Gold Package

Gold Package


The Gold Package consists of a series of Instagram shout outs spread out every month on the following accounts: We guarantee a result of 2500 new followers, that are real people and do not stop shouting you out until we have reached that goal

@Bossgirlsempire 1.1M  @Squatsempire 445k @modelbabez_ 4M @suicide_babez 3.3M @salma.kumari 1.8m @salmakumari 1.3M @legendary.babez 1.4M @mybossempire 470k  @fitnessgirlsempire 219k @shecandoboth 305k @modalsvilla 336k @modals.villa 167k @tattsempire 66.5k @mydailyboss 96k


which has an awesome following of over 10 million + followers combined. There are NO contracts which means you can go month to month worry free.

You will also receive placement in one of our exclusive engagement groups. Pushing your posts to the top posts and getting people commenting and x sharing networks

You will also receive access to our private network and educational group.

All customers will be assessed and if your profile, business or space will not benefit from these shouts will will reach into our network of influencer's and other pages of equal size to get you a better result. We will not waste your money

instagram is a long game, there is no over night solution to creating a 500k account. However if you allow us we can work with you, show you the way, give you the education resources and tools to make it happen. This is not a buy now here are 10,000 bots service. We build real followings fopr real people, from real people